Col. Robert L. Wolverton and his Headquarters Company stick of the 3rd. Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, prepare to board aircraft #292717 of the 98th Squadron of the 440th Troop Carrier Group on June 5, 1944. Piloted by Group Commander Col. Frank X. Krebs, it exness アプリ would lead the Group into Drop Zone D in Normandy at 1:40 am, June 6, 1944. Known as the "Bloody DZ", Col. Wolverton and many of these paratroopers would be killed in their parachutes.

Of the 440th TCG, Captain Frank Lillyman, commanding the 101st Airborne Pathfinders, would later write, "Credit should be given to the 440th and 441st Groups of Troop Carrier Command. Using radar only, and no lights because of tenuous position, forty-seven aircraft delivered their personnel to the intended DZ. This totaled more than the other two drop zones combined."

Flying into German positions in their unarmed C-47s, the 440th would lose three aircraft and their aircrews to hostile fire, and return with many more damaged

D-Day Remembrance Ceremony 2004
June 4, 2004 10:30AM
Magneville, Normandy
Contact: Gerard Scaillet