The Commanders: L-R
Lt. Col. Bascome L. Neal, 98th Squadron
Lt. Col. Jack S. Southard, 97th Squadron
Col. Frank X. Krebs, CO, 440th Troop Carrier Group
Lt. Col. george M. Johnson, Jr., 96th Squadron
Lt. Col Irving G. Anderson, 95th Squadron

The Serenaders: The 440th Dance Band
Starting on the top row. next to Major Hanson standing are trumpet players -Cal Jordan, Warren Reinhold, Jim DelaBar, Jack Seawright . On drums - Lou Viggiano, Bass player - Ralph Hils and piano - Tom Fulton.
Middle row: left to right trombone players - Cal Jordan, Dick Rees and Geroge Fredericks,
Front row left to right - Myron Herscher, Joe Antonnuccio, George Theis, George Cowand, Alex Stratigos.

Paratroopers of the 101st Airborne marching to their assigned aircraft of the 440th Troop Carrier, based at Exeter, England, June 5, 1942 in preparation for the Normandy Invasion.

The "STOY HORA" and crew, aircraft number 292717, Col. Krebs' command aircraft. From the uniforms, the photo was probably taken in Italy during OPERATION DRAGOON, the invasion of Southern France, August 1944. Courtesy of Christine Krebs Goyer

Maj. Howard Cannon, co-pilot, Col. Robert L. Wolverton, CO, 3rd Bn., 506th PIR, and Col. Frank X. Krebs, pilot, 440th CO, prior to boarding the "STOY HORA", # 292717 on June 5, 1944. Mission, OPERATION NEPTUNE, the Normandy Invasion. Courtesy of Christine Krebs Goyer

Famous D-Day photo of a member of the 3rd Bn, 506th PIR Headquarters stick (the assigned paratroops), loading aboard Col. Krebs' command aircraft, the STOY HORA on June 5, 1944. Note the cross-hatched chalk # 1 to the right of the door. The chalk number on each aircraft at that location identified their aircraft for the paratroopers assigned to the plane as well as denoting the aircraft for the particular mission. Courtesy of the Charles W. Taylor Family

Advertising wasn't needed to draw airmen to shop at the 440th PX at Orleans France. Artwork is thought to be that of Gil Mantalvo of the 98th Squadron Courtesy of the Charles W. Taylor Family