440th Articles

The Legend of the Filthy Thirteen - No other group the 440th Troop Carrier Group carried into battle https://pocketoption.in/demo has inspired more legend and myth than the story of the special demolition squad, the "Filthy Thirteen"... (click for more)

Nunquam Non Paratus - "Nunquam Non Paratus" the Latin translates, "Never Unprepared," Nunquam Non Paratus, was the motto of the 440th Troop Carrier Group of the 9th Troop Carrier Command of the 9th Air Force in WWII... (click for more)

I Saw Them Jump To Destiny - This is the story of the first phase of the invasion as I saw it from the air in the early hours of D-Day. At 1:40 a.m. we were over Carentan, in the Cherbourg Peninsula... (click for more)

Cafe Vert - Memories of war years fade from our minds, perhaps many of which we want to remember and others we wish to forget. For me there is a special memory that lingers in my mind of a Frenchman... (click for more)

Orleans, France to Savannah, Georgia - All of us got up at 0330 this morning, had breakfast at 0345, finished packing, and left the barracks in Orleans at 0430. The clouds were heavy in places... (click for more)

Joan of Arc's New Sword - Standing in the center of the Place du Martroi, in the heart of the city of Orleans is Foystier’s beautiful bronze statue of Joan of Arc. The base of this, the very first statue ever... (click for more)

The Jump - It is hard to imagine today what a mass parachute jump https://pocketoption.in/download-app might look like in action. The following six photographs taken in sequence during a practice... (click for more)

Roger the Dodger - The name ‘Roger the Dodger’ was painted on the nose of a C-47 of the 98th Squadron, 440th Troop Carrier Group. Charles Everett Bullard was... (click for more)

The Crash at 3000 Feet - I first heard the story of the last flight of the C-47, "ROAD HOG," # 42-100732, from Gordy Folts at the 2001 440th Troop Carrier... (click for more)

The Bosnian Dak - In July 1994 Captain Patrick Collett was stationed with his unit of French "blue-helmets" (United Nations Peacekeepers) [3-eme Companie 9-eme Regiment de Chasseurs Parachutistes] in the... (click for more)

They Also Served-Prayed and Waited - During World War II, some sixteen million American men and women served in the military. Most left behind loved ones with whom, in that era before television, computers, cell phones, and under scrupulous... (click for more)

Tragedy at Fullbeck - Date: 2 September 1944 Location: Fulbeck Airfield (England) Casualties: 3 paratroopers killed - other source mentions... (click for more)

Rescue at Remagen - The book, Bridge at Remagen, by former Army historian Ken Hechler is one of http://pocketoption.in/bonus the most dramatic accounts of battle in WWII. The Ludendorff Bridge, the last intact bridge across the Rhine River into... (click for more)