The "DONNA MAE" and crew, left to right; 1st Lt. Ray B. Pullen, Pilot, KIA, 2nd Lt. John M. Greeley, Co-pilot, KIA, 2nd Lt. Richard P. Umhoeffer, Navigator (Not on board 6/6/44) POW, S/Sgt. Finney M. Gordon, Crew Chief-KIA, S/Sgt. Sidney H. Saltzman, Radio Op, KIA

Aircraft - USAAF C-47A, Serial # 42-100905, call sign, 'H' How.

Symbol 9X was the ID symbol for the 95th Squadron, 440th Troop Carrier Gp. Aircraft was shot down on Mission 'NEPTUNE-BIGOT' June 6, 1944, invasion of German-occupied Europe.

Nose art: 'DONNA MAE' was name of Lt. Pullen's fiance.

Photo Courtesy of Murray Lawler.

Mounument at Magneville, France honoring the crew and paratroopers that perished in the crash of the "DONNA MAE" on June 6, 1944. Photo courtesy of MickaŽl Simon.